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Press Release

Imperva, the Global Leader in Data Security is Committed to the China Market

Its Q2 2010 results reflects the positive response from the market

Beijing – August 11, 2010 – the global leader in data security, demonstrated its success and value of its data security solutions with its strong Q2 2010 financial results.

Just like organizations around the world, Chinese enterprises need to make security a top priority. In today's world, no one is exempt from cyber threats. In 2009, 94% of all data breaches are database or application compromises1 , yet more than 90% of the $16 billion spent on security in 2009 was on other2, which means that enterprises would need to spend their budget more wisely and that the market size is huge.

The Asia Pacific Japan (APJ) region recorded 51 per cent quarter-on-quarter growth, and APJ Vice President Stree Naidu said: “China's contribution to APJ's results was significant – it achieved 84 per cent increase in Q2 2010 over Q2 2009. The success of the China team has fuelled our expansion plans and commitment in this region.”

Imperva co-founder and CEO, Shlomo Kramer, said: “The company's performance in Q2 was impressive. Businesses today recognise that data security is a strategic imperative and that early detection and response to cyber attacks is a critical part of securing your organisation.”

Imperva SecureSphere is the market leading data security and compliance solution. SecureSphere protects sensitive data from hackers and malicious insiders, provides a fast and cost-effective route to regulatory compliance and establishes a repeatable process for mitigating data risk.

SecureSphere's key capabilities include:

  • SecureSphere Web Application solutions
    • Imperva's web application firewall protects web applications from cyber attacks. For example, SecureSphere can:
      • Alert or block access requests that:
        • Deviate from normal application and data usage
        • Attempt to exploit known and unknown vulnerabilities
        • Originate from malicious sources
        • Violate corporate policies
        • Are part of a sophisticated multi-stage attack
      • Update web defenses with research-driven intelligence on current threats
      • Virtually patch application vulnerabilities through integration with Web application vulnerability scanners, reducing the window of exposure and impact of ad-hoc application fixes
    • ThreatRadar provides automated, reputation-based defense against large scale industrialized cyber attacks dramatically increases an enterprise's ability to stop attacks by automatically adapting the defense so traffic from malicious sources can be blocked before an attack is even attempted.
  • SecureSphere Database Security solutions—Imperva's database firewall secures sensitive data stored in databases. SecureSphere provides full visibility into data usage, vulnerabilities and access rights and enables security, audit and risk professionals to improve data security and meet compliance mandates. For example, SecureSphere can:
    • Continuously scan databases and file systems for sensitive data
    • Prioritize vulnerabilities mitigation by data sensitivity and severity of exposure
    • Accelerate the detection and revocation of excessive rights and dormant users
  • SecureSphere Risk Management solutions—Imperva SecureSphere automates the risk analysis of sensitive data. SecureSphere enables executives, risk officers, auditors and security professionals to establish a continuous and repeatable process for reducing data risk. For example, SecureSphere will:
    • Continuously scan databases and file systems for sensitive data
    • Prioritize vulnerabilities mitigation by data sensitivity and severity of exposure
    • Accelerate the detection and revocation of excessive rights and dormant users
  • Threat Intelligence—The Imperva Application Defense Center (ADC) is a world-class security research organization that maintains SecureSphere's cutting edge protection against evolving threats.

“Our vision of data security is again validated by the market's uptake of the SecureSphere Data Security Suite, and we will continue to deliver innovative solutions and cutting edge research to meet the data security needs of our enterprise customers,” said Kramer.

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About Imperva

Imperva is the global leader in data security. With more than 1,300 direct customers and 25,000 cloud customers, Imperva's customers include leading enterprises, government organizations, and managed service providers who rely on Imperva to prevent sensitive data theft from hackers and insiders. The award-winning Imperva SecureSphere is the only solution that delivers full activity monitoring for databases, applications and file systems. For more information, visit , follow us on Twitter or visit our blog.

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